BV3 - Project Image Processing / Pattern Recognition

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Long name Project Image Processing / Pattern Recognition
Approving CModule BV3_BaMT
Prof. Dr. Dietmar Kunz
Professor Fakultät IME im Ruhestand
Level Bachelor
Semester in the year summer semester
Duration Semester
Hours in self-study 162
Prof. Dr. Dietmar Kunz
Professor Fakultät IME im Ruhestand

Prof. Dr. Lothar Thieling
Professor Fakultät IME
Requirements Module Image Processing
Module Pattern Recognition
Language English
Separate final exam No
Burger/Burge: Digitale Bildverarbeitung
Gonzales/Woods: Digital Image Processing

Learning goals

problem specific methods resulting from system model and literature search

skilled use of software development environment

skilled use of tools for image processing and image analysis

if required: skilled use of tools for training neural networks
understanding of scientific texts in English

presentation of project results in English

accomplish complex tasks in teams

present project results

Derive complex problem solutions that can be implemented using image processing and image analysis
analyse and understand complex problems
derive system behaviour from specifying texts
analyse systems
model system from subsystems
model, implement, and test subsystems
map subsystems as far as possible on available components (image processing modules), i.e. selection of models and parameters
implement and test required but not available image processing modules in C or Java using software development environment
implement, test, and validate entire system (problem solution)
Derive problem solution as chain of algorithms using image processing modules
parametrize image processing modules
test and validate solution
iteratively improve algorithmic chain
Expenditure classroom teaching
Type Attendance (h/Wk.)
Project 1
Tutorial (voluntary) 0
Special literature
Special requirements
Accompanying material
development environment for image processing and image analysis (ImageJ, IBV-Studio)
electronic collection of sample programs and sample applications
electronic development environmentfor dreation and training of neural networks
Separate exam
Exam Type
working on projects assignment with your team e.g. in a lab)
Presenation and documentation of project progress including oral project presentation at mile stone meetings.
Final report.
Minimum standard
Project has to be processed with adequate effort and the achieved results must be visible from the presentations and documentation.

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