MT - Measurement Technology

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Long name Measurement Technology
Approving CModule MT_BaET, MT_BaTIN
Prof. Dr. Michael Silverberg
Professor Fakultät IME
Level Bachelor
Semester in the year summer semester
Duration Semester
Hours in self-study 60
Prof. Dr. Michael Silverberg
Professor Fakultät IME
Requirements MA1, MA2, GE1, GE2
Language German
Separate final exam Yes
Schrüfer, E.:Elektrische Messtechnik
Lerch, R.: Kaltenbacher, M.; Lindinger, F.: Übungen zur Elektrischen Messtechnik
Felderhoff, R.: Elektrische und elektronische Messtechnik
Weichert, N.: Messtechnik und Messdatenerfassung
Final exam
Written module examination
Minimum standard
Exam Type
Written module examination

Learning goals

General considerations
Historical review
The SI system
Measurement techniques
Known systematic measurement deviations
Unknown systematic measurement deviations
Reproduction of systematic measurement errors
Random measurement errors
Complete measurement result
Random experiments
Relative frequency
The Laplace Experiment
Conditional probability
Independent events
Random variable
Distribution function and distribution density function
Expected value, variance and standard deviation
Central limit theorem, normal distribution and uniform Distribution
Sample of a measurand
Confidence interval for the expected value
Propagation of random deviations
Linear Regression
Properties of electrical measuring instruments
Moving-coil movement
Electrodynamic movement
Moving iron movement
Measuring range extension for DC voltage measurement
Measuring range extension for direct current measurement
Alternating current and alternating voltage measurement
Sampling and reconstruction
A/D and D/A converters
Digital Multimeter
Logical basic gates
Memory elements and counters
Digital timing measurement
Digital frequency measurement
Digital Oscilloscopes
Resistance determination
Measuring bridges
Sensors supplying voltage and current
Resistive sensors
Pulsed sensors
Expenditure classroom teaching
Type Attendance (h/Wk.)
Lecture 2
Exercises (whole course) 2
Exercises (shared course) 0
Tutorial (voluntary) 0
Special literature
Special requirements
Accompanying material
electronic lecture slides for the lecture
electronic exercise collection
Separate exam

Learning goals

Understanding and using digital oscilloscopes
Analyzing of limiter circuits
Analysis of galvanic, magnetic and capacitive couplings
Expenditure classroom teaching
Type Attendance (h/Wk.)
Practical training 1
Tutorial (voluntary) 0
Special literature
Special requirements
Accompanying material
Experimental instructions
Separate exam

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