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Courses are colour-coded according to the course language

German, English if necessary
German and English
Advanced methods and theories of Media Design (Russi)
algorithms and data structures (Rosenthal)
Audio Engineering (Reiter)
Autonomous Systems (Yuan)
Basics of Media Design 1 (Russi)
Bioenergie und regenerative Gastechnologie (Stenzel)
Business and Law (Kim)
Communication Acoustics (Pörschmann)
Computer Graphics (Fuhrmann)
Computer Science 2 (Fuhrmann)
Control Systems of Electrical Drives (Lohner)
Data Base Systems 2 (Behrend)
Digital Communications (Dettmar)
Digital Signal Processing with FPGA (Krah)
Discrete Signals and Systems (Elders-Boll)
Display technology (Ruelberg)
Electrial Engineering Materials (Poggemann)
Electric power generation (Evers)
Electrical Engineering 2 (Basics) (Kronberger)
Electrical Machines (Evers)
Electrical safety and EMC (Humpert)
Electronic Media 1 (Pörschmann)
Embedded system project (Krawutschke)
Energy Economics (Stadler)
Entwurf, Simulation und Layout von Schaltungen (Brunner)
Formal Languages and Automata Theory (Nissen)
Fundamentals in System Programming (Thieling)
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 1 (Waffenschmidt)
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 2 (May)
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 2 (Waffenschmidt)
Graphentheorie (Randerath)
High Frequency Technologies (Kronberger)
Holography (Altmeyer)
Image Processing (Kunz)
Image Sensor Technology (Poggemann)
Industrial Image Processing (Thieling)
Information technology for automation technology (Große)
Internship (BaTIN)
Introduction to Fieldbus Systems (Bartz)
IoT Protocols and Applications (Elders-Boll)
IT Security (Knospe)
Management of Projects in Information Technology (Yuan)
Mathematics 2 (Bold)
Mathematics 2 (Knospe)
Mathematics 2 (Kunz)
Mathematics 2 (Weigand)
Measurement Technology (Silverberg)
Media Design Project (Russi)
Media ethics and society (Russi)
Medical Imaging (Oberheide)
Microcomputer systems (Stockmann)
Network Security and Automation (Grebe)
Operating Systems and Distributed Systems 2 (Vogt)
Operational energy management (Stockmann)
Optical Design (Weigand)
Parallel Programming and Computerarchitektur (Thieling)
Photo Technology 2 (Fischer)
Physics 1 (Humpert)
Physics 1 (Kohlhof)
Physics 1 (Oberheide)
Postproduction (Gärtner)
Power Electronics (Dick)
Practical Informatics 2 (Rosenthal)
Practical Informatics 2 (Yuan)
Practically based Summer School (Schneider)
Process Control Technology Systems (Große)
Product Development for Smart City (Stadler)
Programming distributed and mobile applications (Vogt)
Project Camera Technology Applications (Fischer)
Project Image Processing / Pattern Recognition (Kunz)
Project Interactive Systems (Grünvogel)
Project Media Distribution / Display Technology (Ruelberg)
Project Media Production Technologies (Reiter)
Project-based optics (Gartz)
Radiation, radiometry, photometry (Gartz)
Sensors and evaluation of measurements (May)
Software engineering for automation technology (Kreiser)
Software Lab (Nissen)
Stereoscopy (Fischer)
Switch-Mode Power Supplies (Dick)
Systems on Programmable Chips (Krawutschke)
Technical optics (Altmeyer)
Technologien der augenoptischen Industrie (NN)
wave optics, interference, diffraction (Gartz)
Web Engineering 1 (Backend) (NN)
Web project (NN)
Writing scientific papers (Weigand)
Acoustics for Engineers (Pörschmann)
Analogue signals and systems (Elders-Boll)
Analogue signals and systems (Lohner)
Antenna Technology (Kronberger)
Applied Mathematics (Rhein)
Applied Statistics and Numerical Analysis (Rhein)
Basic Electrical Engineering for Computer Science and Engineering (Thieling)
Basics of Media Design 2 (Russi)
Business and Law (Kim)
Camera Technology (Fischer)
Computer Animation (Grünvogel)
Computer Generated Imagery (Fuhrmann)
Computer Science 1 (Fuhrmann)
Computer Science 3 (Lo Iacono)
Control Engineering (Krah)
Control System Technology (Kreiser)
Data Base Systems 1 (Behrend)
Data Mining (Rhein)
Data Mining (Rhein)
design and 3D-CAD (Gartz)
Development of Complex Software Systems (Nissen)
Digital Computer (Thieling)
Electrical Drives (Dick)
Electrical Engineering (Basics) (Kronberger)
Electrical Engineering 3 (Kronberger)
Electrical Power Distribution (Waffenschmidt)
Electronic Circuits (Schneider)
Electronic Media 2 (Ruelberg)
Electronics (Poggemann)
Embedded Systems (Krawutschke)
Energy Storage (Stadler)
F07_Networks and Protocols (Grebe)
Fahrmechanik (Frantzen)
Film- and Postproduction (Gärtner)
First term project (Gartz)
Functional Safety (Krah)
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 1 (May)
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 3 (Evers)
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 3 (May)
Geo- und Solarthermie (Lambers)
Geometrical Optics (Gartz)
Graphentheorie (Randerath)
Graphical User Interfaces (Rosenthal)
High Voltage Technology (Humpert)
Industrial Computer Vision (Thieling)
Internship (BaTIN)
Kinderoptometrie (BaOPT)
Laser Physics and Technology (Altmeyer)
Light microscopy (Altmeyer)
Light-Matter-Interaction (Oberheide)
Lighting Technology (Weigand)
Machine Learnig (Thieling)
Mathematics 1 (Bold)
Mathematics 1 (Grünvogel)
Mathematics 1 (Knospe)
Mathematics 1 (Weigand)
Media Design Conception and Storytelling (Russi)
Media Distribution and Storage (Ruelberg)
Media Law (BaMT)
Medizinische Statistik und Studienplanung (BaOPT)
Networking in automation technology (Stockmann)
Neuroophthalmologie (BaOPT)
Operating Systems and Distributed Systems 1 (Vogt)
Optical metrology (Gartz)
Pathologie (BaOPT)
Pharmakologie (BaOPT)
Photo Technology 1 (Fischer)
Phototechniology 3 (Poggemann)
Physics 2 (Humpert)
Physics 2 (Kohlhof)
Physics 2 (Oberheide)
Practical Informatics 1 (Rosenthal)
Practical Informatics 1 (Vogt)
Presentation and Communication (BaTIN)
Principles of Networked IT Systems (Elders-Boll)
Process Control Engineering (Große)
Programming Practice (Yuan)
Programming Project (Kreiser)
Recipe Control (Große)
Self-management in studies (Grünvogel)
Signal Processing (Bartz)
Signal Theory and Applied Mathematics (Kunz)
Signalprocessing using Matlab/Python and Microprocessors (Elders-Boll)
Simulation von Energiesystemen (Nebel)
Software Engineering (Nissen)
Software Management (Wörzberger)
Solarenergie (Blieske)
Source and Channel Coding (Dettmar)
Spezielle Kontaktlinsen (BaOPT)
System Design Lab (Wörzberger)
Theory of imaging (Altmeyer)
Verteilte Datenverarbeitungssysteme (Behrend)
Video Studio Technology (Reiter)
Visual and Auditive Perception (Kunz)
Web Engineering 2 (Frontend) (NN)
Wind Energy (Stadler)
Wireless Communications in the IoT (Dettmar)
Writing scientific papers (Weigand)

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