Course Quality Techniques

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Stoll


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Course Organization

created 2011-10-14
valid from WS 2012/13
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Course identifiers
Long name Quality Techniques
CEID (exam identifier) 772

Contact hours per week (SWS)
Lecture 2
Exercise (unsplit) 2
Exercise (split)
Lab 1
Total contact hours
Lecture 30
Exercise (unsplit) 30
Exercise (split)
Lab 15
Tutorial (voluntary)
Max. capacity
Exercise (unsplit)
Exercise (split) 40
Lab 16

Total effort (hours): 150

Instruction language

  • German

Study Level

  • undergraduate


  • none

Textbooks, Recommended Reading

  • keine


  • Prof. Dr. Stoll

Supporting Scientific Staff

  • keiner

Transcipt Entry

Quality Techniques


wE written Exam

Total effort [hours]
wE written Exam

Frequency: 2/Jahr

Course components



Lerninhalte (Kenntnisse)
  • Use of statistical methods
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
    • probability distribution
      • discrete random variable
        • hypergeometric distribution
        • binomial distribution
        • Poisson distribution
      • continous random variable
        • Normal distribution (Gaussian distribution)
        • log-normal distribution
        • exponential distribution
        • Weibull distribution
        • Student distribution (t-distribution)
        • chi-square distribution
    • control sample
      • operating characteristic curve (OC)
        • producer's risk (alpha-risk)
        • customers' risk (beta-risk)
      • acceptance sampling for attributes
        • sampling plan n-c
        • inspection standard AQL
      • acceptance sampling for variables
        • Histogram, determination of distribution
        • sampling plan n-k
          • Sampling plan for one sided limit
            • known standard deviation
            • unknown standard deviation
          • Sampling plan for both sided limits
    • Quality control chart
      • Quality control chart for countable results
      • Quality control chart for measuring readings
        • single data chart
        • Original data chart
        • average chart
          • Mittelwertkarte (xquer-Karte)
          • Zentralwertkarte (xschlange-Karte)
        • sample standard deviation chart
    • process capability index
      • Cp
      • Cpk
    • Precontrol
  • Design of Experiments (DoE)
    • single factor experiment
    • full factorial experiment
    • fractional factorial designs
    • Response Surface Design
    • Shainin's Red X concept
      • Multi-vari chart
      • exchange of components
      • pairwise comparison
      • search for variables
      • full factorial experiment procedure
      • A-against-B (process comparison)
      • scatter plot

Acquired Skills
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
    • Evaluating sampling plans by operating characteristic curve (OC)
    • Develop sampling plans for attributes and variables
    • Develop quality control charts for countable results and measuring readings
    • Calculation of control limits
    • process capability indices: choosing, calculating and applying
    • economic process control with Precontrol
  • Design of Experiments (DoE)
    • identifying most important influencing variables
    • operating Shainin's concept
      • evaluating the suitability of the methods
    • operating a process by adjusting the influencing variables
    • reduction of variance of a process by reduction of variance of influencing variables
    • extension of tolerances of unimportant influencing variables
    • keeping process in control

Operational Competences
  • design of sampling plans in exercises
  • design of experimental factorial analysis in exercises

Additional Component Assessment

wE written Exam

Contribution to course grade

Frequency: 2/Jahr



Lerninhalte (Kenntnisse)
  • Distributions
  • operating characteristic curve
  • sampling plans
  • Quality control chart
  • simulation of a production line with LabView

Acquired Skills
  • simple programming with LabView
  • comparison of statistic parameters with real measured values
  • identification and evaluation of trends of quality in period under observation
  • evaluating importance and effectivity of own calculations
  • Systematic planning of experimental procedure
  • evaluating experiments and report
  • abstract of results
  • Delivery of report on the due date

Operational Competences
  • Experimental procedure

Additional Component Assessment

wR written Report

Contribution to course grade

Frequency: 1/Jahr

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