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Long name Software Lab
Approving CModule SWP_BaTIN
Prof. Dr. Hans Nissen
Professor Fakultät IME
Level Bachelor
Semester in the year summer semester
Duration Semester
Hours in self-study 162
Prof. Dr. Hans Nissen
Professor Fakultät IME
Requirements very good programming skills
Knowledge in Software Engineering
Knowledge in Data Bases
Language German
Separate final exam No

Learning goals

handling of semi-formal specifications
team-oriented software development

structure and organize a project in terms of time and content
application of tools
integrated development environment
version management
error management
test tools
cooperation and communication tools
multiple Java-APIs
data bases

design of system component according to specification and requirement document
implementation of system component according to design in a team
verify correctness of system components

technical documentation of system components

integrate components into system in cooperation with other design teams
verify integrated system
Expenditure classroom teaching
Type Attendance (h/Wk.)
Project 1
Tutorial (voluntary) 0
Special literature
Special requirements
Accompanying material
electronic presentation slides for the lecture
development tolls
electronic tutorials for self study:
topics scripts, videos
Separate exam
Exam Type
working on projects assignment with your team e.g. in a lab)
The overall project is divided into several milestones. To each
milestone, the teams must submit different delivery items (e.g., class diagram,
implemented code, created test cases, short description of the GUI).
These submissions are evaluated based on defined evaluation criteria in terms of their completeness and Quality.
Each delivery item has a certain weighting in the assessment of a
milestone. Each milestone, in turn, contributes with a certain weighting
in the overall evaluation of the project.
The weights and the evaluation criteria of the delivery items as well as the quality requirements are communicated ro the students at the beginning of the event.
At the end of the event, a final test takes place in which a very small
example system is individually designed and implemented by each student.
This example system goes through all the phases of the project once again.
This will determine whether a student has been actively involved in the team throughout the project. The result of this final test is included in the overall grade.
Minimum standard
At least 50% of the total number of points

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