Course Practical Informatics 1 Vogt

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Vogt


Meets requirements of following modules(MID)

Course Organization

created 2011-10-14
valid from WS 2012/13
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Course identifiers
Long name Practical Informatics 1 Vogt
CID F07_PI1_Vogt
CEID (exam identifier)

Contact hours per week (SWS)
Lecture 2
Exercise (unsplit)
Exercise (split) 1
Lab 1
Tutorial(voluntary) 1
Total contact hours
Lecture 30
Exercise (unsplit)
Exercise (split) 15
Lab 15
Tutorial (voluntary) 15
Max. capacity
Exercise (unsplit)
Exercise (split) 30
Lab 18

Total effort (hours): 150

Instruction language

  • Deutsch

Study Level

  • Undergraduate


  • none

Textbooks, Recommended Reading


  • Prof.Dr. Vogt

Supporting Scientific Staff

  • Dipl.-Ing. Henk

Transcipt Entry

Practical Informatics 1


wE written exam

Total effort [hours]
wE written exam

Frequency: 2-3/year

Course components



  • algorithms
    • characteristics of algorithms
    • description of algorithms
  • digital computers
    • bits/bytes
    • structure of the hard- and software architecture
  • basic concepts of programming
    • higher programming languages vs. machine languages
    • compilation vs. interpretation
    • procedural vs. object-oriented languages: C vs. Java
  • basic concepts of variables
  • scalar data types in Java (and C)
    • numbers
      • value ranges
      • representation of constants
      • operations
    • characters
      • coding standards: ASCII, Unicode
      • operations
    • character strings
    • boolean values
      • representation of constants
      • operations
  • control structures in Java (und C)
    • abstract representation
      • Nassi-Shneiderman diagrams
      • flow chart
    • blocks
    • branches
      • if
      • if-else
      • switch-case
    • loops
      • pre-test loops
        • for
        • while
      • post-test loops: do-while
  • static methods in Java
    • method definition
      • header with parameters and return type
      • body with return statement
    • method call
      • parameter passing: call by value vs. call by reference
    • overloading
    • storage classes
  • arrays in Java
    • storage organisation: references
    • indexing and loops
    • multi-dimensional arrays
  • objects and classes in Java
    • object-oriented programming: motivation and fundamental concepts
      • encapsulation
      • objects with members and methods
      • classes
    • constructors
    • access control
    • class members and methods

Acquired Skills
  • writing algorithms to solve given problems
  • programming with elementary operations in a higher programming language
  • programming with control structures
  • programming with methods
  • programming with structured data, esp. arrays
  • programming with fundemental concepts of object-oriented programming (classes and objects)

Additional Component Assessment

  • none



  • programming elementary operations on scalar variables
  • programming with control structures (including the design of Nassi-Shneiderman diagrams or flow charts)
  • programming with methods
  • programming with structured data, esp. arrays

Acquired Skills
  • working with a software development environment
  • finding and correcting errors in programs
  • designing algorithms and implementing them in a higher language

Operational Competences
  • application of the aspects listed above to real-world scenarios in small teams

Additional Component Assessment

  • none

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